Basics Shepherd’s Leader Training #101


小牧人訓練課程 (#101) Shepherd Leader Training #101

講師:黃李頻頻 Paddy Wong





1.課程介紹,小組事工的方向及異象   (Introduction & Small Group Vision)

2. 小牧人角色, 職責與質素  (Roles and responsibility & Qualities of a group leader)

3.  如何計劃小組目標及聚會內容  (Plannng Group Objectives)

4. 如何帶領有動力的查經  (Leadig lively and dynamic bible study)

5.如何關心組員及建立組員之間的關係  (Caring group members and building group relationship)

6. 處理小組內的紛爭  (Conflict Resolution in small group)

7. 認識性格與個人成長  (Personality & personal growth)

8. 如何建立新領袖及幫助組員運用屬靈恩賜  (Buidling up new leaders & empowering their spiritual gifts)

9. 領袖的靈命塑造  (Spiritual formation of a group leader)

10.  小組個案探討  (Small group case study)

11. 小組,團契與崇拜的關係  (relationship between small group, mid group & large group)

12. 如何培增小組及帶領慕道小組  (Multiplying small group & leading seeker’s group)