Soul Spa Retreat


It is like soul spa experience when an individuals can redraw from one’s busy life and regain spiritual strength from listening of the inner voice of the self and the gentle voice of God in all our senses through encountering the nature, the scripture, prayer moments, in silence, in medication or through Lectio Divina. All different spiritual experience nurture the soul as well injecting a refreshing sense of e strength and joy for daily living.


小牧人訓練課程  301

小牧人訓 練301》課程 – 「靈命塑造營」

內容:透過三日或兩日的靜修,藉着獨處,安靜,默想和操練中世紀的靈修方式:禱讀,   去聆聽神的聲音; 在大自然和寧靜中與神相遇, 體驗安息, 經歷重新得力!從而將與神同行的操練活現於生活的每時每刻中!

註:參加者無需先參加#101 & 201 課程, 可直接

修讀 #301課!